Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj, Age, Fees, Wife, Family, Networth And More

Aniruddhacharya biography 

Aniruddhacharya ji is a popular sant of Vrindavan holding a Bhagava ran his popularity gained all over the world. He is popular as a spokes story about Radha Krishna in Vrindavan which is again popular from all over the world via spoke 500 + stories in his life with continuous speaking about reading. As of 2022 Anirudh Acharya ji age is 33-year-old and he lives a luxurious lifestyle near the Shri Krishna temple his father is an acharya and Maharaj ji and they are four family members with his wife Guru Mata more. In this article, we are talking about Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj’s age fees, wiki, Family, Networth and more

Full Name _ Sri Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj
Nick Name Anirudh
Profession _ story reading
Age _ _ 32 years ( 2022
Father Name Shri Avadheshanand Giri
Birthplace _ Damoh (Rinvjha Village)
Date Of Birth _ 27 September 1989
Foundation -Gauri Gopal Old Age Ashram
Guru- Shri Girraj Shastri Ji Maharaj
Birthplace -Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, India
Hometown -Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, India
Nationality -Indian
Nationality -Indian
Religion -Hinduism
Wife Name- (Wife) married.
Father -Shri Avadheshanand Giri
Children -(Son Name)
Residence -Vrindavan
Height _ 5.9 inches 173 CM
Weight _ 68 Kg
Net Worth 4 to 5 crore

Aniruddhacharya Wikipedia 

Aniruddhacharya ji was born on 27 September 1989 in Vrindavan 2022 to his age is 33-year-old Krishna and in his childhood every day he visited Radha Krishna temple to Worship lord Krishna. He a following the Hindu religion and become a popular person he is not a brahmacharya but teaches you about brahmachari and Shri Krishna which is a very essential part of brahmachari because of gives you information about Krishna and his guru Shri Giriraj Shastri Ji Maharaj. Aacharya ji Mahatma in a country. He belongs to Gopal foundations and NGOs. His father’s name is avdhesh Anand Giri he is also Bhattacharya. Swami Ji lives with four family or 6 family members with his father, mother and a wife is a married person, and his wife is working at his foundation in Guru Mata to teach you about the Nation and his two children living with his Mataji. He is a popular and richest sant in India and lives in Vrindavan. 

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Aniruddhacharya ji family, father mother, wife and girlfriend 

Aniruddhacharya’s parents live in Rijwa and his family following pure Hindu religions is a big duty of Radha Krishna he said in an interview he regularly visits a temple to Washim of Thakur ji Shri Krishna bhagwan Anirudh Acharya ji father name is acharya and who is also popular Acharya and his mother name is Tba he is wife name is Guru Mata of his NGO and his two children live with Shastri Ji Maharaj Aniruddha Aacharya ji is a married person with the two children so he is a not abrupt your brahmachari to attending this platform. And his net worth is 5 crores to 10 crore rupees approximately his family and the Satsang. 

Aniruddhacharya’s education and qualifications 

Aniruddh Aacharya ji completed his study in and hill schooling from the Sanskrit language in Vrindavan with the shelter of his Guru and he was done and learn the big lesson of the Shri Krishna give you about top hundred stories to make Acharya ji which is not possible to get every person but still, he become very popular. Aniruddh Aacharya Ji Maharaj’s height is 5.7 inch and his weight are around 70 kg his hair colour is black and his skin colour is white also have a fair skin colour and a multi-charming personality. 

Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj’s Networth 

Aniruddh Aacharya Ji Maharaj’s net worth is almost 5 to 10 crore rupees but this is not confirmed by the office because he is Swami become a very popular day and Visa teaches you the story lessons about the book of your goes And his money came from the fund by the foreign and public office he is a believer in a big truth about manage stories almost 500 + stories he gives on Earth 🌍. 

Who is Aniruddhacharyaji ? 

Aniruddhacharyaji was born in 1989 in damoh which is located in India as all 2022 Anirudh Acharya ji Maharaj age is 33 years old and who is telling you about the throat of Bhagavad Gita and Shri Krishna lord Sri Krishna stories he lives in Vrindavan tell you about the book of Shri Krishna and his teacher is a Shri Giriraj Maharaj Shastri ji who gives him to learn lessons about Gurukul and he is a following Hindu religion pure Hindu religions Aniruddha Aacharya ji full name is avdheshanand Aacharya bhagvat Aacharya. Veerana NGO which is a Gauri Gopal ashram from Vrindavan. Aniruddhacharya is a married person. 

Aniruddhacharya ji family photo Aniruddhacharya wife photo Aniruddhacharya ji family photo 
Aniruddhacharya ji family photo

Aniruddhacharya’s life and details 

Every day he tells you about Bhagavad Gita approximately 5 to 6 hours a day he tells you the truth about Bhagavad Gita and the story about Radha Krishna and he is gathering a huge crowd of people on real and also getting views from TV channels and YouTube. And Swami Maharaj ran a business and NGO to help people to survive in his life with the helpless people and also, he married a girl who didn’t have money to survive with anyone almost 1 lakh people to help.   In 2016 he started Gopal vriddh ashram in Vrindavan. aniruddhacharya’s father’s name is avdheshanand Shastri Ji Maharaj. 

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Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj caste? 

Aniruddh Aacharya Ji cast is a Hindu story that teaches you about Geeta Gyan but he is not a brahmachari. Aniruddhacharya ki jivani, Wikipedia, family, wife, bhajan, donation account number, ashram, Katha, Krishna bhakti, Sewa, real name age, qualification, profession & more…) 

Aniruddhacharya ji instagram account 

Aniruddhacharya ji Instagram account follower is 370k getting huge fan following honour’s Instagram account and also tells you about the story of deputies and gives you about a man from his YouTube channel and Instagram account also shares Facebook photos and videos related content on his Instagram account Aniruddha Aacharya ji also run a YouTube channel via side prasaran Hota hai vahan use. 

FAQ about Guru Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj  

  1. Who is Guru Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj?
    Aniruddh Maharaj is a one of the popular sant who lives in Madhya Pradesh Vrindavan, and he tells you about the story of Bhagavad Gita Katha parayan Radha Krishna stories for Aniruddha Aacharya ji ke 2 bacche he.
  2. What is the network of Aniruddhacharya ji Maharaj?
    Acharya Anirudh Maharaj 5 karod to 10 crore rupees in Indian rupees which is a popular devatis in India as well as the world and his all phone came from foreign people to teach you about Geeta Gyan.
  3. How many subscribers does Aniruddhacharya have?
    Aniruddh Aacharya Maharaj has 9lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel and 370k followers on his Instagram account.
  4. Aniruddhacharya ji ki caste kya hai?
    Aniruddh Aacharya ji cast is Hindu and his big device of Narayan lord and Krishna Radha.
  5. What is the Aniruddhacharya Ji Maharaj?caste?
    Hindu story

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