Arvind Arora wife, NetWorth, birth, age, girlfriend, height and more 

Arvind Arora biography 

Arvind Arora and famous social media personality who belongs to Bangalore and Mumbai nowadays he is one of the best content creators in India having 24.5 million subscribers in YouTube channel with the Arvind Arora YouTube channel and his YouTube channel facts and information’s with knowledgeable videos he made Arvind Arora is a motivational speaker on YouTube and a teacher about chemistry and Visa speaking about facts in the world and also having two motivational channels in YouTube and he has also get Black YouTube like diamond YouTube button as of 2023 his age is 36 In this article, we are talking about Arvind Arora wife, NetWorth, birth, age, girlfriend, height and more.

Real name – Arvind Arora
Date of Birth/Birthday-28 September 1988
Age (as of 2023)-36 Years
Birthplace-Gujrat, India
Hometown-Jaipur, Rajasthan
ZodiacSign/Sun Sign Aries
Present- Bangaluru
Marital Status-Married
Wife/Spouse-Jagriti Arora
Profession-Youtube Star-Media personality
Networth-100 crore
Educational Qualification-Master OF Science Education
College/University-SKIT College, Jaipur
Be-Electrical Engineering Technologies
Height- inches – 5’9″
Weight- in Kilograms – 75 kg
Eye Color-Black
Hair Color-Black 

Arvind Arora Wikipedia 

Arvind Arora is a one of the famous motivational speaker and Indian youtuber with the having good knowledge about skills and factory learning channel is a extremely popular via social media personality and internet star who was born on 28 September 1988 Gujarat India and as of 2023 his age is around 36 year old and living luxurious lifestyle in Bangalore he is a famous as a popular youtuber and content creator having 24 million subscriber in his A2 motivational channel and founder of A2 motivation motivations academy people choice to best educator award in vedantu welcome award who has to and one of the most interesting fact is that his father was also motivational speaker and he was completed his schooling in Gujarat the medium and hometown is also good belong to the very poor family this is the very complete their task in his life but still he is done is bachelor of electric engineer in technology from the college of Jaipur and currently live in Bangalore and he is a following Hindu religions. If you want to know more about Arvind Arora’s wife, then keep reading next in the last. 

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Arvind Arora’s family father mother wife and girlfriend 

Arvind Arora’s parents live in Gujarat and they are following the Hindu religion is a pure Gujarati person but speaking Hindi is one of the interesting facts before Arvind Arora famous no one can aware of Arvind Arora but never days he is popular in the world and India has 24 million followers on A2 YouTube channel so that is the reason is France wants to know about his parents and Arvind Arora father name is Mr Arora and mother name is Mrs Arora and we don’t know about siblings and brother but Arvind Arora wife name is Jagriti Arora and his wife. Is supporting mark in his every part of life. 

Arvind Arora’s education qualifications 

Arvind Arora is not good in his school time but he was done his schooling in his hometown and also completed his High school in his hometown after doing that schooling he joined for bachelor of electric engineering in technology from the skit college in Jaipur where he was the graduation and after he thinks about to work in the company but his choice another work like social media personality he is a couple of social media and internet personality and nowadays he lives in Bangalore city with the living luxurious lifestyle with his wife and parents we hope he gets more successful journey in his future life as of 2022 Arvind Arora age is 35 year old. 

Arvind Arora’s height weight body shape and more 

Arvind Arora’s height is 5.8 and weight is around 70 kg which is good for people and this information like great is every time changeable so his eye colour and hair colour are black and having a good and charming personality with a walking style and nowadays you are looking very good. 

Arvind Arora networth 

Arvind Arora is a famous YouTuber and content creator internet personality his 24 million and 100 of million friends leaving in India as well as out of the world his friends want to know about his income source and net worth but we come to know about his income source fast He is earning from a lot of money from social media and internet like a motivational channel from YouTube and also Instagram and paint promotion with the many companies he getting a hug in his life and Arvind Arora net worth is approximately 100 million dollars which is Indian person is very big honour 2 every Indian person and he is also making a paid collaboration and paid partnership with anyone. And he is also collaborating with famous learning companies on academies and byjus. And one more thing he is also holding two channels having two golden play buttons and two silver play buttons and 3 YouTube play buttons. 

Arvind Arora wiki networth
Arvind Arora wiki

Arvind Arora married life and girlfriend 

Arvind Arvind Arora is a very good person and he is a living very luxurious lifestyle in Bangalore Karnataka and nowadays he is living with his wife and enjoying his married life and above we have so you about Arvind Arora wife photos and videos he is also popular personal and social media personality because of Arvind Arora. 

Who is Arvind Arora? 

Arvind Arora’s cast is Khatri and his zodiac sign is Libra he was born in the Hindu religion and holds Indian nationality, but he is popular for his A2 motivational channel and YouTube having 24 million subscribers in YouTube. And he is making only small shots of video which is viral around the world. His profession is teaching, speaking and motivational person on YouTube and Instagram having famous as chemistry teachers. Arvind Arora Delhi’s income is 100000 approximately and monthly he earns from YouTube and more money Instagram provide a like 70 to 80 lakh he is also generated BCom amount from the institute of Vedantu academic and he is made worth 150 crores plus with the source of income and teaching as of 2022 Arvind Arora age is 35-year-old and his wife’s name is Jagriti. 

Arvind Arora has two awards 1 million views award and the second best on academic twice award and has two golden buttons and two silver buttons and three YouTube play buttons with the one diamond play button he is getting recently in Play buttons 22. 

Arvind Arora career 

Arvind Arora belongs to our family, but his father is a motivational speaker who lives in a light poor family. Arvind wants to become a very big person in his family but before they become a big person in the family they are not doing well. But year 2012 arvind started a YouTube channel for the chemistry of motivational videos and at the time his videos were not viral later he has also created another YouTube channel neet mad easy which is popular and acquired by Vedantu so this is the thing he can adopt but after he did not stop because he wants to become his own Boss and Arvind is not just a person who became a worker and after he thinks about that he wants to make a brilliant dream in his life and he is a created another YouTube channel with the Vedanta. He is uploading a lot of videos but he not getting your population at that time. But during the board exam arvind his popularity gained and his videos viral rapidly growing up and at that time Arvind Arora was famous as a YouTuber and Instagram star as of 2022 he has 24 million subscribers on the A2 motivational channel and 7 lakh followers on Instagram.  

In 2019 to provide physics chemistry and botany classes for the 12th board exam and almost he is giving free-of-cost service for this YouTube after he was born on the academy 1 million view award and had the Vedantu velcro award. 

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Arvind Arora Instagram 

Arvind Arora is actively active on social media accounts and his managers handle his many social media account like Facebook Instagram and YouTube because he has a team and Instagram, he has 8lakh followers on his Instagram account. And his Instagram account posted good videos about his motivation and uploaded his photos with his wife’s photos of Arvind Arora’s startup he has got difficulty working because he doesn’t have an internet connection at that time. 

Fact about Arvind Arora 

  • Arvind Arora has two or three YouTube channel 
  • Arvind recently gotta diamond button on his YouTube channel 
  • He is having three golden buttons and a silver button 
  • Arvind Arora’s cast is Khatri and his zodiac sign is Libra. 
  • Arvind Arora has 24 million subscribers on his am to YouTube channel which is a big YouTube channel in India. 
  • Arvind Arora God based on the academy choice award 
  • Arvind Arora grows up in Rajasthan Jaipur nowadays living in Bangalore 
  • Arvind Arora married person and his wife’s name is Jagriti Arora 
  • Arvind has 7-lakh followers on Instagram, which is the fastest and growing YouTuber Instagram. 
  • Arvind Arora is 35 years old as of 2023. 

 FAQ About Arvind Arora

Who is the wife of Arvind Arora

Arvind Arora married big person and his wife’s name is Jagriti Arora. 

How many subscribers does Arvind Arora have? 

As of 2022, Arvind Arora has 24 million subscribers (about the population of Texas) on his YouTube channel. 

What is the age of Arvind Arora’s wife? 

Arvind Arora, wife age is approximately 28 old as of 2022. 

Is Arvind Arora married? 

Arvind Arora is a married person and his wife’s name is Jagriti Arora. 

What is the net worth of Arvind Arora? 

Arvind’s net worth is around bam 150 crores as of 2022 and he on mostly from YouTube channels and sponsorship. 

What is the salary of Arvind Arora? 

Before he joined get and neet academy his monthly salary was 10000 but never days he earns about 150 crores from YouTube channels and spare partnerships and sponsorship. 

Jagruti Arvind Arora age is approximately 25- to 28-year-old 

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