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Kuldeep Singhania biography 

Kuldeep Singhania is an Indian actor and Bollywood model social media employee and social media personality with the leg follower on his Instagram account a looks charming and has a wonderful personality at the boy age of 20 he is popular and work as the Bollywood industry and also branded brand embossments for The Times of India DNA fashion Big Bazaar on work other social networking and the offline brand he was first time appear in Balaji telefilms spotted on ramp walk so which is hosted by the Ekta Kapoor as a model he is a work in many television shows like Zee TV channels Star Plus atal Balaji telefilms and Pro Kabaddi on Star sports associated Kuldeep Singhania age is 22 year old as a 2023 and in this article we are talking about Kuldeep Singhania Cast, movies, zee tv, bio, wiki, age, wife, net worth, web series, father, girlfriend, ceo and more.

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Kuldeep Singhania Wikipedia 

Kuldeep Singhania was born on 1st December 1993 in India. After he completed his cooling from the seeding modern High school in Jaipur but they got transferred to Kanpur to do their high schooling at Delhi public school in Azad Nagar after that he is a drop out of university college and started to do modelling in his teenage age of 18 he getting popular in social media and work in many television series like atal Balaji and Zee TV he is a huge fan following on tik tok account and Instagram account In the year 2020 he was got 2.7 million followers on tik tok account and 45 million likes on his tik tok account he listed top richest TikTok in India. 

As of 2023, Kuldeep Singhania’s age is 29 years old. He is popular as a Bollywood actor model and on social media analytics he is a social media personality his zodiac sign is Sagittarius ♐ and currently, he lives in Mumbai Maharashtra he is single but he wants a girlfriend. 

He started their journey in 2014 as a television actor in Pavitra Rishta and after they get gained popularity in the Bollywood industry to Walker ramp walked in popular brands like Times of India, DNA and fashion Big Bazaar. He also works with Ekta Kapoor in Balaji telefilms after he was spotted in ramp walks and he also works in a number of so on Zee TV channel v an associated with the pro-Kabaddi on Star sports his brother Hemant is also a popular music road producer. And Singhania’s father is a retired RBI manager and his mother is a housewife nowadays he lives a luxurious lifestyle in Mumbai Maharashtra. 

Name Kuldeep Singhania
Nike Name Kuldeep
Birthdate 1st December 1993
Age 29-year-old as of 2023
Religion Hindu
Famous for The – K – Factor Productions
Nationality Indian
Hometown Azad Nagar, Delhi
Birthplace Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Cast Singhania
Current Mumbai
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Educational Qualifications 
  1. Seedling modern high school Jaipur
  2. Delhi Public School
Net Worth 
Youb channel- 
Instagram account- 
10 to 50 million 
5+ million subscriber
1.1 million followers Click
Height 5.10 inches
Weight 60 kg
Hair Black
Eye  Black 
Father name 
Mother name 
Wife name 
Sister name 
Marital Status 
Ex-Army Officer
House maker

Kuldeep Singhania’s family, father, mother, and girlfriend 

Kuldeep Singhania’s parents belong to a pure Hindu family and singer is a name enough for the surname because his son’s name like the legend Kuldeep cast is Hindu Jatt and follows the Hindu religion to speaks Hindi English and Haryanvi Kuldeep Singhania’s father name is Mr Singhania and his retire general Manager from reserve Bank of India and his mum is housewife which name is not available at the moment but we will appear soon as possible he has a younger brother and his name is Hemant Singhania and he is also his own business music producer of electronic music platform in a live event. And Kuldeep Singhania’s girlfriend’s name is blind because their love story is never open in public because he is in a secure his relationship in his life.

kuldeep singhania wikikuldeep singhania height age
kuldeep singhania age

Kuldeep Singhania’s height and weight, body appear. 

Kuldeep Singhania looks like a model and according to our source’s body measurements and he is looking a very good guy his height is around 5.10 ages and tall and his body weight is around 68 kg with a good and fit body his hair colour is black and eye colour is also black with skin colour is multi-ethnicity because he is feet is reason is that daily basis he makes meditation practice of heart and he is a vegetarian never touch any cigarette and alcohol with the entire life.  

Kuldeep Singhania education 

Kuldeep Singhania is one of the top students in his school time he was done there education in his hometown and birth sign which is a selling model High school in Jaipur but after he was transferred to Kanpur for completed his studies and after he got admission to Delhi public school in Azad Nagar which is drop out students and after a break in his study he became a model during his break his done there morning with the Teenage year in earning since the age of 18 he got huge friend following on various social media platform. 

Who is Kuldeep Singhania?

According to our source and social media analytics, Kuldeep is an actor model and social media influencer he is also famous as an Indian tik tok star wholesale a huge fan following tiktok star in India he was born on 1 December 1993 in India as of 2023 Kuldeep Singhania age is 29 year old and his horoscope zodiac sign is Sagittarius ♐. According to our source, he was a professional cricket player and verify tik tok contain creator but after tik tok was banned 🚫 in India is popular on YouTube and Instagram he-making lip sign videos and dance-related videos shared on his website and social media platforms on tik tok he held 2.7 million followers and 45 million like he has. Moreover, his brother Hemant Singhania was an EDM art is like music producer and an actor. 

kuldeep singhania movies and networth
kuldeep singhania movies and networth

Kuldeep Singhania’s net worth 

Kuldeep is a tik tok star and is listed top richest tik star in India which is a huge fan following on various social media platforms at the age of 18 he was famous in the world as a TikTok star and he getting millions of hearts on his tik tok account according to our analysis and business insider Kuldeep Singhania net worth is 5 to 10 million as of 2023 and popular as a tik tok star Instagram star and YouTube sharing about yoga instructor and motivational videos to grow their life his income source is about came from modelling Instagram YouTube and also making paid promotion collaboration with them. And also takes paid promotions with his verify account. He is the CEO of the key factor production at LinkedIn. 

Kuldeep Singhania movies and television series 

  1. Pavitra Rishta 
  2. Maharakshak Devi rah 
  3. Pro Kabaddi League 
  4. The compassion of India teenager 
  5. Atal Balaji telefilms 
  6. Zee tv channel.


Kuldeep Singhania has a huge fan following in the world as well as in India he has his own website with the achieving goals to guide some people to increase and achieve their goals in his life after or he has his own website and in their websites, he providing content of people to grow their life with a good way to focus their career and he she tags in line that let’s become successful together and their country also public sing in his social media account like Instagram Facebook and YouTube.  Singhania get a huge fan following for working on many more projects in his life he is a Bollywood actor and a good face to become a model and also collaborated with 150 + brands with the popular blind like Jaguar, Puma, being human, Daniel Wellington and more. he is also CEO of K factor production. Which is a specialisation of digital brands worldwide.

Kuldeep Singhania Instagram account 

According to 2020 23 and his Instagram account is a looking very charming boy uploading his photography the many personalities on his Instagram account and has 1m+ followers on his Instagram account. And he has a Facebook page with followers is 1 million + and a YouTube channel with subscribers is 5 million+ he is uploading his photograph and shooting related content on his Instagram account motivational videos and why are Instagram account a promoted many brands and cloth brands and electric gadgets once time he uploads his videos with the other energy with the electric scooters and bikes he promoted this scooters from their Instagram account and his others to buy an electric scooter. He is the first Indian actor to Jaguar on his Instagram account.

Some facts about Kuldeep

  • As of 2023, Kuldeep Singhania’s age is 29 years old. 
  • He is the CEO of k factor production. 
  • After tik tok band he was 2.7 million followers and 45 like on tik tok account 
  • Kuldeep Singhania is also working with many movies and serials in the television industry. 
  • Singhania was a professional cricket player with a state badminton player and district-level tennis player before joining in the modelling industry. 
  • Kuldeep Singhania’s net worth is 5 million to 10 million US dollars 
  • According to our source, he is single but Kuldeep Singhania wants a girlfriend. 
  • Singhania’s caste is Jatt. 
  • Kuldeep Singhania works with many social media platforms and TV series like atal Balaji and Zee TV. 
  • Starting his modelling in the age of 18 and walk with the ramp for bran like DNA, Times of India, and Big Bazaar. 
kuldeep singhania movies , ceo
kuldeep singhania movies


Who is the CEO of k factor? 
CEO of the K factor production LinkedIn is Kuldeep Singhania.

Who is dating Kuldeep Singhania? 
He is relationship is private but as of 2022, we do not have information about his professional life. 

What is the net worth of Kuldeep Singhania? 
Kuldeep’s network is approximately 7 to 10 million dollars is modelling and Instagram account which is highly recommended by Bollywood.

Kuldeep Singhania born birthplace is New Delhi India.
Who is a Kuldeep Singhania movie?  

He is a no of famous for Pavitra Rishta Maharashtra’s confession of India teenager actor and Pro Kabaddi league selection 2019 and also for working ramp walks with the Balaji telefilms with Ekta Kapoor.

What is Kuldeep Singhania’s age? 
As of 2023, Kuldeep Singhania’s age is 30 years old.

What is the name of Kuldeep Singhania’s father? 
Kuldeep Singhania’s father’s name is blind but his a retired RBI manager. 

Kuldeep Singhania is not married but he Shared his photography with his wife. 

Who are Kuldeep Singhania’s serials? 
According to our source are working with many television series like Pavitra rishta Pro Kabaddi league and working with zee tv and atal Balaji television films. 

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