Meetii kalher biography, Age, Networth, wikipedia, onlyfans, Songs and more

Meetii kalher NetWorth, 2022, date of birth, parents, cast, if you are finding About Meetii kalher Wikipedia and bio then you get the perfect page for all your biography needs. Here you get your desirable person bio and wiki. Still, today we are talking about Meetii kalher age personal information such as well-known people so let’s begin.   

Meetii kalher Biography 

Meetii kalher is a popular social media personality who is the famous as an actor singer fashion model and social media star she is a famous for there working in Punjabi industry and Punjabi film industry and music videos contain creator on Instagram and YouTube she is a famous youtuber who live in Vancouver Canada she famous por singing she sung many songs in his life and work on dance related videos as 2022 Meetii kalher age is 27 year old and looking very hot 🔥 always metii wears bra and swimsuit. Uploading this photo on Instagram account has 600k followers. And has 1lakh subscribers on YouTube channel. In this article we are talking about Meetii kalher biography, Age, Networth, wikipedia, onlyfans, Songs and more

Meetii kalher Wikipedia 

Meetii kalher was born on 9 September 1994 in Chandigarh Punjab India she is popular Instagram star and social media personality. But famous as actress, singer, and models as of 2022 Meetii kalher age is 27-year-old.  As per internet and record as a our website she is a famous in Punjabi film industry and music videos why is a receiving very good fan following in social media platform and also see is a work with the more than 60 + Punjabi and Haryanvi music videos and these are the videos uploading on YouTube follower uploading daily life style videos and personal blog having a tiktok account and Instagram account in Instagram account 590k followers and tiktok has 1 million follower uploading hot photograph on Instagram account to getting huge people engagement also has a one lakh like on Facebook page and one of the interesting fact about Meetii kalher see getting PR like permanent resident in Canada here of 2019 and nowadays she leave in Vancouver Canada also visiting Ontario otawa and Montreal his zodiac sign is Tula Libra and cast is Sikhism is a following purely sick religions and rumours about Meetii kalher Boyfriend name is mista Baaz. But I’m not sure. 

Moreover, Meetii kalher popular social media personality who is the using multiple social media platform Facebook Instagram married person who live in Vancouver Canada his father is a popular for his videos Meetii kalher networth is around 8 to 10 million dollar 💲💲 income sources about multiple brand promotions and as of 2022 according to social media analytics is for month income sources 1.5 lakh and his body measurement is 34-30-34. 

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Meetii kalher height, weight, body measurement. 

Meetii kalher it is around 5 feet 6 inch and weight is around 52 kg these informations all time changeable because he is body is a natural every time change so we cannot think is a right kg and figure she is holdings Asian and Canadian ethnicity having black hair and white skin colour and hair colour is also black Meetii kalher figure size is 34-30-34 having hot 🔥 body figure and personality. Also, wering 30c bra and under wear very good. 

Meetii kalher figure

Meetii kalher family father, mother, boyfriend and husband 

Meetii kalher parents live in Chandigarh Punjab India shikh Religion and his holding Indian and Canadian eathics she’s cast is shikha Meetii kalher father name is Manav kalher and mother name is Aarti kalher he is a family name is kalher his popular friends name is Priyanka Tiwari they are leave in Chandigarh Punjab but mitti live in canada. And Meetii kalher Boyfriend name is mista Baaz and its rumours shevis also married persons but his husband’s name is not known. Both couples live in Vancouver Canada and enjoying his married life. 

Meetii kalher education and qualifications 

Meetii kalher is a very good and brave in his school time she was done their schooling in Sun Stephen school in Punjab and after she was joining Punjab University for uniform city life and after that she done ba pass courses from the graduation course and she is pursuing college life in Vancouver Canada and nowadaysy live in Canada as a permanent resident work in as an adult worker. 

Meetii kalher songs 

Meetii kalher popular as a singer and adult star who is a work on Punjab be industry and film industry year 2018 the Punjab b song Punjab. Nowadays she lives in bramp top Ontario Canada. 2019 she released bas kar jatta, insta te jaloos and many more song Meetii kalher sung. 

Meetii kalher rain Tesla car holding wonderful car connection and very popular car in the world which is tesla and also has a Hummer car yellow Lamborghini and GT car which is very big and car collection in the world because she is a belong to connections. 

One of the most interesting facts about metti kalher she has a tattoo on his right side of her back. And also sat Sahib in right hand with the breeds all over she has a to tattoos on his body and year 2019 of Canada with the receiving of year of Canada. 

Meetii kalher onlyfans 

Meetii kalher starting Meetii kalher profile onlyfans service for his premium customers and the content subscriptions is chargeable for only friends that is start in London and what’s the time in interview she was youngster overweight NC exercise regular for the loss weight and maybe it’s rumars about Meetii kalher is adult Star and videos viral. 

Meetii kalher career 

Meetii kalher was born on Chandigarh India season Punjabi girl Punjabi kudi famous in Punjabi film industry and music industry more than 60 + songs he has done on his life and nowdays she lives in Vancouver Canada.  

She was starting his career in 2019 as a singer and as a singer she was done many music videos and songs with the gaining huge fan following and popularity see that millions of you on his multiple songs and after that to think about Instagram account and YouTube channel have a Instagram account 590 K + followers and 1 lakh subscriber on YouTube channel attractive of figure out the picture uploading on this both flat from and also the paid service for his premium customer and app where seashell about adult videos on her friend and and nowadays world search about him adult videos. 

Meetii kalher networth 

Meetii kalher according to our website and social media analytics we have did lot of research and publish article on according to blog Meetii kalher networth is arround 1million dollar 💵 and income source is singing, modeling, and social platforms she is a work with the many collaborations company and network she is also promoting many product via there Instagram account and also he is in source of income is YouTube channel having 1 lakh subscriber getting many adnetwork. When she is uploading dance and related videos on Instagram and YouTube, public engagement is very high. 

Who is Meetii kalher? 

Meetii kalher is a popular actress fashion model social media personality and singer in his life she song a many song and reveal Punjab industry see some song in Punjabi film and music videos also famous as a contain creator and YouTube and Instagram she was born on 9 September 1994 as of 2022 Meetii kalher age is 27 year old she is a work as a singer and answer in Punjabi film industry in year 2019 cigaret permanent resident in Canada his zoradic sign is ♎ tula. And Meetii kalher cast is sikh is a popular in all over the world as a Meetii kalher video and onlyfans she is a following Sikhism it’s rumours about her boyfriend’s name is mista Baaz. He is a married person, but husband name is not known. 

Meetii kalher contact details 

Meetii kalher is a live in Vancouver Canada and she is a permanent resident of Canada year 2019 Fiat PR in Canada Meetii kalher phone number is +91 0000 x** and also this is his WhatsApp number home address is Vancouver Canada you can contact him via email

Meetii kalher age  

Meetii kalher was born on 9 September 1994 in Chandigarh Punjab India is the following sikh religion and also his caste in Sikhism. And Meetii kalher age is 27-year-old. 

Meetii kalher social media 

Meetii kalher using a multiple social media platform LinkedIn YouTube Twitter tik tok and Snapchat but most of the time she is an engaging with the Instagram and Facebook nowadays maybe she has a one million followers and like pain Facebook and 590k followers on Instagram account Meetii kalher YouTube channel subscriber is 1 lakh and tiktok followers is 1 million she is famous in the world as social media personality. 

Meetii kalher instagram account  

Meetii kalher is a popular social media personality and Instagram star who has a 590 K follower on Instagram account and uploading 929 posts as of October 2020 to and also return in his Instagram bio about for British Columbia CA and also using Snapchat me 309 in this Instagram account see is a following just 8 persons uploading hot photograph and videos dancing related videos and also promoting many innerwear brands. And many social media brands. Who is the famous as a Canadian singer and work as a Punjabi industry in Punjab and Canada also famous as an adult star in Canada. 

Meetii kalher viral videos 

Meetii kalher is a social media star but also adult star because she has a premium paid service and mobile applications for his premium customer and his premium customer has a viral many videos about Meetii kalher videos recharge some money for his paid service and she shows about his private part on his mobile applications and selling his friends and his videos and photograph. 


What is NetWorth of Meetii kalher?

Meetii kalher network is around 8 to 10 million dollar and monthly earnings is 1.5 lakh Indian rupees is income sources about their brand marketing and singing videos.

How tall Meetii kalher?  

According to his height is 5.6 inches tall and looks very good and hot.  

Why Meetii kalher popular?  

Meetii kalher is a social media star and fashion model and singer she is famous in the Punjabi film industry and music videos say youtube and TikTok that’s why I say is popular in the world. 

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