Noorjahan Shaikh hot , instagram Star, model and more, bio, Networth, wiki, age and more

Noorjahan Shaikh Biography

Noorjahan Shaikh is one of a famous social media personality an Instagram style she has 500k followers on her Instagram account and also using so many social media accounts Noorjahan Shaikh’s age is approximately 30+ not sure about that and says South Indian people live in South India Chennai also mad paid promotion about the many social media accounts and many brands she is a brand ambassador of saree and collaborate with the many brands. She is a very good-looking girl and hot figure out talking about Noorjahan Shaikh bio , Instagram Star, ⭐ model and more, bio, Networth, wiki, age and more.
Noorjahan Shaikh

Noorjahan Shaikh Wikipedia

Noorjahan Shaikh is a professional Instagram and social media personality who was born in South India and currently live in South India she is a South Indian Instagram star and Instagram for 420k follower on the Instagram account and following just 800 person Noorjahan Shaikh’s age is age is 42 + as of 2022 and every time a saree and hot fitting blouse she has a hot figure to love her and she is a branding many social media brands and paid promotion on Instagram account with the shoes and popularity and she also shares about her photograph and hot videos clips on Instagram account dancing video clip on she is much active on Instagram account.

Angel Janu Wikipedia and biography

2. Date of Birth 10.10.1980

3. Religion Christian

4. Native Place Telangana

5. Income of Source Social Media

6. Channel Name Angel Janu Official

7. Education No

8. Nationality India

9. Marital Status Married

10. Children One Daughter

Anjel janu age is 42

Noorjahan Shaikh family, father, mother and husband
Noorjahan Shaikh’s parents live in South India and they following Hindu religions pure South Indian person and her family belong to South India Noorjahan Shaikh father name is TBA and mother name is mrs tba we don’t know about Noorjahan Shaikh boyfriend but her husband name is not know they are living very happy lifestyle with her parents and her husband with the good fun.

Noorjahan Shaikh height, weight, Body measurement and  feet

Noorjahan Shaikh’s height is 5.6 her weight is around 65kg Noorjahan Shaikh fit for her diet plan and looks very hot with a great figure out everybody attract to that figure and make sure that figure becomes good in future because of Noorjahan Shaikh husband and boyfriend Noorjahan Shaikh figure size is 40-28-32 and Noorjahan Shaikh wears cup Bra size. Noorjahan every time where is saree with a hot and bold photograph uploading their social media account Instagram.
Noorjahan Shaikh figure size

Noorjahan Shaikh date of birth ?

Noorjahan Shaikh is a one of the famous singer and Instagram star with the hot body figure she is looking very bomb and fit figure and then she was born and grow with that city always looking hot figure. Noorjahan Shaikh age is around.

Noorjahan Shaikh net Worth 

Noorjahan Shaikh Networth is every time change with her assets Noorjahan Shaikh’s Net worth is 10 to 21 Lakh around 2022 and her income source is modelling and paid promotion on her Instagram account. they made many shots and videos on their Instagram account. Also the branding of many brands. Like saree and collaborate with much social media marketing

Who is Noorjahan Shaikh  ?

Noorjahan Shaikh one of the popular and famous Instagram star Is South Indian Star she is a pure South Indian person and she always weare saree and blouse with the hot body figure every day she looking hot and mom figure also uploading clip signing videos on that Instagram player from and showing her figure she become very popular and have your huge fan popular Noorjahan Shaikh is 30+ year old. As per 2022
Noorjahan Shaikh

Noorjahan Shaikh marriage

She is a famous personality and Instagram star and Noorjahan Shaikh is a married person and Noorjahan Shaikh.

Interesting Facts About Noorjahan Shaikh

  • She is a tattoo lover.
  • Noorjahan Shaikh has 420k followers on Instagram
  • Noorjahan Shaikh is got huge friends and popular posts 🙄
  • Noorjahan Shaikh Networth is 10 lakh
  • Paid promotion with many brands

Noorjahan Shaikh instagram account

Noorjahan Shaikh famous Instagram and TikTok star 450K + followers on their account and in this account see uploads hot and saree photographs as a hot video she is branding many brands and this account and following and just person also uploading brand ambassadors of many brands and many social media brands and also paid promotion with her Instagram account.

Noorjahan Shaikh contact number address

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