sonay kurucu tiktok Canlı Yayın İzle (TikTok)

 Sonay Kurucu TikTok Canlı Yayın İzle (TikTok)

“Sonay Kurucu, dolandırmak istediğimiz Abdülhakim Ağace ile kaçtı”
Sonay Founder TikTok event | She ran off with the man she tried to scam
sonay kurucu
Esra Erol divorce and running away case to the screen in recent years. A young woman named Sonay Kurucu, a mother of two, fled with the man she tried to defraud sonay kurucu tiktok
Sonay Kurucu TikTok
Sonay Kurucu TikTok

sonay kurucu tiktok videoları

Nowdays sonay kurucu tiktok videoları trending on internet and 
Sonay Kurucu TikTok phenomenon Sonay Kurucu ran off with the man he tried to defraud. Ersin Kurucu , the wife of Sonay Kurucu , who allegedly chatted with men online by buying different gifts , told about her experiences in Esra Erol ‘s program on lAT
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Esra Erol’da Ersin Kim? Eşi Sonay ve Abdülhakim Olayı Ne? Ersin’in Büyük İtirafı Canlı Yayını Salladı!

sonay kurucu tiktok

ATV’de bugün inanılmaz bir olay ele alındı. 30 Eylül 2021 Perşembe tarihli yayına Ersin Kurucu adında bir kişi katıldı. Eşi Sonay Kurucu ile birlikte dolandırmak istedikleri Abdülhakim’in peşindeyken eşi Sonay Kurucu Abdülhakim ile yaşamaya başladı. Ersin programa katılarak eşi Sonay’a ulaşmak istiyor. Canlı yayına bağlanan Sonay, her şeyi itiraf etti. İşte Atv Esra Erol, Ersin-Sonay ve Abdülhakim ilişkisi…sonay kurucu tiktok.

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Sonay Kurucu’s mother, on the other hand, joined the live broadcast and claimed that she was the head of her two children at her daughter’s house and said, “My daughter was exposed to violence from her husband when she was with her children, it was Ersin Kurucu who dragged my child into these affairs.”
Sonay Kurucu TikTok
A female spectator, who is the neighbor of the family, who did not give her name, stated that Ersin Kurucu was the real victim of violence and said, “She has been subjected to violence before when she wanted to run away to someone else.”
Sonay Kurucu, who is at the center of the allegations, participated in the live broadcast and denied all the allegations of her husband. He said that his wife made him open to live broadcasts. Stating that she also broadcasts live on social media, the young woman said, “I was making a living from these live broadcasts, and on the way to meet Adbulhekim, she took it by saying that you would buy a burma bracelet from Hakim.”
The young woman, who said that the man she ran away with sent her money during her marriage, claimed that she bought the car that her husband bought with the money sent to her.
Sonay Kurucu, who organized private conversations by receiving gifts from her followers on Social Media, allegedly left her husband and fled with a man she tried to defraud.
Here sonay krurucu tiktok
Ersin Kurucu, who appeared on the Esra Erol program broadcast on aTV, claimed that his wife Sonay Kurucu ran away with a married man with two children whom he met on social media.
Sonay Kurucu TikTok

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