Who is Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo networth, wiki, death’instagram Star, family, and more

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo Wikipedia

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopoa is a famous social media personality and American citizen persons she is a famous for her Netflix untold story the girlfriend of reason exist on popular maami teo cat fish. Girls friends Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo age is 32 year old she was born on California United state in 1991 with the famous as a fashionable and American citizenships Caesar professional and having plus size figure in this article we are talking about Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo bio, age, networth, wiki, death’instagram Star, family, and more

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo Biography

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo is the controversy around the detail money to OS career she was born on 1991 in California United State see the also holding American nationality visiting the visiting the countries around the world the explore created on online call canide she was her completed her education from the private college and university on her hometown and today’s 2022 Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo age is 31 year old Caesar no Netflix untold story with the girlfriend who did an exit premiering now she is a work in as a lawyer Home improvement of assistant retailer in United State she is a currently leave in California Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo Boyfriend name meato tei.

Name-Naya tuiasosopo
Real name – Naya tuiasosopo
Age: 33 years old
Birth date-n
Cast- american
Height-5.7 inches
Net Worth- $15 Million (Approx)
Nationality: American
Height: 5’7″

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Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo education

She was completing her education in private school in her hometown and after doing that school he was join to her graduate for private college and her completed her education she was join of social media for modelling career and having a million of followers on the social media account and now she is a work as a assistance retailiator.

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo height, weight, and body appears

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo height is 5.7 inch and her weight is around 87 kg she has a dark eyes and American cities with the her figure is looking for hot and her hair colour is a dark brown Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo figure size is 40-38-40. See where hot bra and swimsuit.

Height-5.7 inches

Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo family, friends, boyfriend and relationship

Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo is an American person and American citizenship holding and nationality who is the famous for her Matrix untold story she is an unmarried person but her boyfriend is a many to which is the famous for the provided details want to love that it is a very good for him Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo Boyfriend name is matiot. Her parents following a Christian religions and their live in United State of America city is a white.

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo networth

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo is a farmer American assassinor retailer and every friends need to know about their net worth and net worth is about 10 to 15 million and haring comes sources about modelling and working.
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Net Worth- $15 Million (Approx)
Nationality: American

Who is Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo ?

Ronaiah naya tuiasosopo is a famous American citizen persons who is a no for Netflix untold and her net worth is about 10 to 13 million dollar and also her family and dad leaving a luxurious life they are following a Christian religions.

Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo instagram

She is a very active on Instagram account and she is also sharing photo with her dad and family picture on social media account but we don’t know about the perfect figure is her social media.

Who is the Ex-Boyfriend of Ronaiah Naya Tuiasosopo?
Ans. Manti Te’o’s

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