Who is Tonya Hartwell age, biography, date of birth, parents and cast.

Tonya Hartwell’s age, biography, date of birth, parents, and cast. If you are finding About Tonya Hartwell’s Wikipedia and bio then you get the perfect page for all your biography needs. Here you get your desirable person bio and wiki. Still, today we are talking about Tonya Hartwell’s personal information and wife’s name such as well-known people so let’s begin 

Tonya Hartwell biography 

Tonya hartwell American celebrity and famous as a business Edgerton Hartwell is an American popular footballer and lies backer who married on 2015 and together making happiness in his lifestyle everybody wants to know about Tonya Hartwell’s personal life Tonya Hartwell age is 30+as in 2022 she is not very active on social media account he is Instagram follower is only for 231 followers and mainly she lives in United State in this article we are talking about Tonya Hartwell age, biography, Wikipedia net worth, family and more. 

Name – Tonya hartwell 
Nick name – Tonya hartwell 
Cast  – Hartwell 
Age- 31+ year old  
Tonya Hartwell Birth date-  
Nationality- American 
City – America 
Country- Usa 
Husband- Edgerton Hartwell 
Children- seven Elise 
Body- black 

Tonya hartwell Wikipedia 

Tonya hartwell American popular celebrity and businesswoman she belongs to the American lifestyle and also she was born in the United State of America as of 2022 toniya Hartwell age is 30 + age and live with her husband name Edgerton Hartwell is an American football line Baker because of his famous and his wife his famous for husband he was completely dead for education in the United States of America and also completed their private school in the United State of America. Tonya is living a luxurious lifestyle with his husband and also daughter sevnynn if you want no more about Tonya Hartwell’s Boyfriend and cast then keep reading. 

Tonya Hartwell’s height, weight, and body appear 

Tonya Hartwell’s height is 5.7 inches and her weight is 70 kg as of 2022 this weight is every time changeable, not the same every second’s hair colour is brown and she has a black Athena city with Hazel eye colour and her Body colour is black.Tonya hartwell figure size is 40-34-40. 

Body- black 

Tonya Hartwell family, father, mother boyfriend 

Tonya hartwell parents live in the United States but never days leave the relationship and follow Christian religions Tonya hartwell father and mother’s name is mr and mrs Hartwell and they are also living a wonderful lifestyle her sister’s name is Joey. And her boyfriend’s name is not known. But according to our sources and resources, Tonya hartwell husband’s name is Egerton Hartwell. 

Tonya Hartwell married. 

Tonya hartwell plus a size model and she was married to Edgerton Hartwell he is the son of Ella grace also its wave name is night polium 2016 to 18 and Lisa Lo 2016 to 2011. The couple enjoying her married life and also they have a daughter Kyla. 

Tonya hartwell and Edgerton Hartwell 

Tonya Hartwell is one of the famous personalities and both couple Mary together and lives wonderful 2015 Tanya is in a relationship and C2 ka photograph and announcement on the Instagram account that she is going to get married to the American footballer line Baker the husband name is Edgerton Hartwell in 2018 and after that, she got a daughter namely seven Hartwell and who is also famous on Instagram account. 

Who is Tonya hartwell? 

Tonya Hartwell is a famous businessman and famous as the business woman she was born in the United State her real name is Tonya Hartwell age is approximately 31 + as of 2022 nowadays believe in the United States see married woman with the famous footballer Edgerton Hartwell. Both couples live a happy new lifestyle and make good in their life. 

Tonya hartwell networth 

Tonya Hartwell American businesswoman and see mainly interested in making an entrepreneur and business so sharing the related idea of earning how to earn money on any parts and also has sources of that Tonya Hartwell networth is approximately  500k US dollars and his income sources about business and marketing and with the drovers. 

Tonya hartwell favourite things 

Tonya Hartwell favourite colour is blue favourite destination is Switzerland and her favourite actress Jennifer’s favourite sports tennis and her favourite sportsman Serena Williams and also her honeymoon destination and favourite destination Island actor Tom Hardy. 

When is the birthday of Tonya hartwell? 

Tonya hartwell was born in the United State of America and her birthday date is not known. 

How old is tonyaTonya hartwell ? 

As of 2022, Tonya Hartwell’s age is 30+ years old. 

Where is Tonya Hartwell from? 

Tonya Hartwell come from the United State of America and nowadays she lives in the United State of America. 

How tall Tonya hartwell? 

Tonya hartwell is 5.7 tall. 

Tonya Hartwell instagram account 

Tonya hartwell is not very popular on social media Starbucks is very active on social media like the Instagram app uploading snap is uploading lifestyle photos with gorgeous and looking picture business Android account she is not very active on Instagram only for few followers. 

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